Dog Care Level 2 (VTQ) Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “A quick guide in to what is the basic knowledge needed about the care for your dog. ”

    ~ Robert from Essex
  • “Very easy to listen to and read about after. I have learnt so much.”

    ~ Diane, Dog walker from Hampshire
  • “very interesting course , i would highly recommend it to anyone who owns a dog or thinking about getting a dog.”

    ~ Sharon, professional dog walker and pet care from Staffordshire
  • “Really good course thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be doing more courses.”

    ~ Lucy, Dental nurse from North Yorkshire
  • “The videos were really informative and detailed particularly from the Vet.”

    ~ Joanna, Dog Walker/Pet Minder
  • “Useful, precise and clear information. The trainer is excellent and I felt this course was very good value for money. The trainer also really loves his dog, making the videos nice to watch.”

    ~ Claire from Surrey
  • “Enjoyed taking the course well structured and reliable”

    ~ Donna from East Yorkshire
  • “I found this course very useful for my small pet business as wish to get qualifications now starting from basic dog care to a higher level, many thanks for this online course Mrs Hesketh from Southport Dog Services”

    ~ Meryl from Lancashire
  • “Enjoyable course and very easy to follow. All topics explained clearly, a great online course for all dog owners and dog businesses.”

    ~ Diana, Dog Business owner from market harborough
  • “A fantastic course, very well put together, easy to learn, fun & informative. Professional dog walker & pet sitter. Michael O' Donoghue ”

    ~ Michael, Dog Walker from dublin
  • “Easy and informative course”

    ~ Anna from Somerset
  • “Very good information ”

    ~ Claire from Cheshire
  • “Most informative and enjoyable.”

    ~ Brenda from Glasgow
  • “This is the second course I have taken and in both cases I have found the information to be clear, concise and very useful. Would definitely recommend these courses to any pet owners”

    ~ Brian from Staffordshire
  • “Excellent course, very intuitive”

    ~ S, breeder from derbyshire
  • “I found the course easy to complete and reinforced the knowledge I already had.”

    ~ Victoria from Surrey
  • “I found this course very interesting”

    ~ Kaci, Teacher from notts
  • “The on-line course is very informative and would highly recommend this course to everyone with a dog.”

    ~ Emily, Dog walker from Devon
  • “Simple learning - easy to use.”

    ~ Anna
  • “Spot on again well-done everyone at pro training for another easy to do course”

    ~ Shaun, Kennel hand from Kent
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “A very informative course and I found it very helpful.”

    ~ Angela, 3 months ago
  • “excellent course”

    ~ scott, almost 1 year ago
  • “The information provided during the course is easy to follow and visually helpful. ”

    ~ Hayley, about 2 years ago
  • “.”

    ~ Laura, over 2 years ago
  • “Very thorough vidoeos and not a rushed experience”

    ~ Ian, almost 3 years ago
  • “I have very much enjoyed the ProTraining, easy to use and have given me the knowledge I need.”

    ~ Georgia, almost 4 years ago
  • “Easy to understand and take in. So much really important information condensed bite size pieces. ”

    ~ Emily, almost 7 years ago
  • “Good course to learn, to understand the basics behind general dog care.”

    ~ Anonymous, about 7 years ago
  • “Good overview of caring for a dog with hints and tips. ”

    ~ Anonymous, about 7 years ago
  • “Very informative videos, covering all the basics of each section.”

    ~ Anonymous, about 7 years ago
  • “Visitors these courses are very detailed so these courses will help you to learn new things. I have learnt new things already. It's great.”

    ~ Anonymous, about 7 years ago
  • “Very easy to follow the videos were both fun and informative”

    ~ Anonymous, over 7 years ago
  • “Informative, easy to follow, a good course for dog owners.”

    ~ Gillian, over 7 years ago
  • “Enjoyed the course. Even after looking after my dog for 12 years I still learnt interesting things with regards to first aid. I've just started dog grooming so my next course will be the canine first aid course. Then customers can feel happy and confident leaving their dogs in my capable hands.”

    ~ Anonymous, over 7 years ago
  • “great course”

    ~ Anonymous, almost 8 years ago
  • “Very simple and easy to follow. Quite informative and useful”

    ~ Anonymous, almost 8 years ago
  • “I really enjoyed watching the videos on this course. The presenter was clear, friendly and precise. His dog was the star of the show though, really well behaved and lovely to watch. The course was short and interesting about learning the basics on dog care. Great!”

    ~ Anonymous, almost 8 years ago
  • “Clear and concise information, easy to understand.”

    ~ Anonymous, about 8 years ago
  • “Pro Pet, Was an enjoyable experence. You can save as you go, and go back and re learn. What i love s that after you have taken your test you are still informed in any updates, so your always doing the right thing. I have a pet, but am doing this to help with a new venture. I will definately tell my friends, I expected the course to be soo expensive, with Pro Pet this is not the case. I am very Happy - And I passed!!”

    ~ Anonymous, over 8 years ago
  • “Brilliant training very helpful too would recommend to others”

    ~ Anonymous, over 8 years ago