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There are many different types of lumps and masses that your pet may develop on their skin. Many of them will be completely benign and nothing to worry about. But if you do notice one, it is advisable to come and see your vet and get them checked out. What we are looking for with any lump is the size it is, how quickly it came up, how it feels, and whether it looks red or so on the outside of the skin. The most common lumps that we will see especially in younger or adult dogs will be cystic lumps or warts. These are benign lumps and often don't grow that much bigger than when they first appear. The other types of lumps that are quite common as pets get older, especially the larger breeds that have been overweight or are overweight, are fatty lumps, and these are called lipomas. These are normally quite soft and quite mobile when you feel them. Of course, there are some lumps that are malignant lumps and these need to be tested to determine what type of lump they are and to determine whether they need removal, so surgical excision to be taken out. The way we would test for these is then we should take a sample or biopsy and send it away and then we can make a decision on what to do.