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I am Nicki. I have been a vet since 2003. I qualified from the University of Liverpool. I have Elsa, my black Labrador here. She is nine years old and I have had her since she was eight weeks. She is from a working Labrador breeder but she is not very good at working so that is why she is now my pet. I also have two cats, Rodney and Trigger and they are quite elderly now. So we are getting into the phase with them where I am having to use some of my veterinary skills at home with them.

I work as a small animal vet in general practice and I also work in an out-of-hours hospital. So I see a lot of emergency cases which are quite interesting, quite diverse and constantly learning. So there are new things coming out all the time and it is in these emergency situations where you are having to act quickly and find out where there are problems, that the first aid really comes into play. Because if an owner comes in and they have all the... More information to give you, the better it is. So that is why I truly believe that pet first aid is a really important thing for people to know for their own pets but also for pet professionals, so dog walkers, dog groomers, trainers. It is really good for them to know the first aid skills as well because it really helps us in our job to get on with what we need to do, especially in those emergency situations.