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Around Christmas time and Easter time, in particular, we always get a dog that's managed to get into the Easter egg chocolates or the Christmas chocolates. So, chocolate is a toxic ingredient. And it isn't always apparent. So, even if your dog has ingested it and seems fine for the first day or two, that doesn't mean that it's okay. Three or four weeks down the line, it could still cause a problem, normally it would be renal failure, kidney failure. And at that point, there is very little we can do about it. So, if you feel that your dog has ingested chocolate, it's worth seeing a vet, even if they feel okay. It would initially if it's going to cause a problem, cause vomiting and diarrhoea. And often you think, "Well, that's sorted because it's come out," but that's not always the case. So again, it is worth seeing them at your local vet's. As with all cases where you give your pet a treat, human food as a treat, chocolate is one that you should avoid. You think you're giving them a nice treat, but you could be doing is causing fatal renal failure. So, just give them doggy chocolate, cat chocolate and steer away from the real chocolate.