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The problem with human food is that we often give it in a quantity that is not controlled. A lot of human foods are absolutely fine for dogs and cats to eat in very small portions. What we have to think about is when we eat something, it could be five or six times the amount of calories for that dog. So for example, if I have a piece of toast and we give that dog a piece of toast it would be, to a 5 kg dog, for example, be the equivalent of me eating 10 slices of toast. People often do not think about those kinds of terms.

The main problem with human food is that it can lead to obesity, not because the food is wrong, but because of the amounts that the owners are giving their dog or their cat. There are certainly some human foods that you want to stay away from, mainly because they can be toxic to animals. So, the most important ones would be chocolate and grapes, and with that raisins.