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Now Deco is a dog and she loves her toys. The first thing she would do when she comes in is grab hold of a toy and she will carry it around. Now, dog toys can be a really good distraction, as well, something to play with. Some of them are a good way of you interacting with your dog. So that if you had the toy you can throw it for them, they fetch it or you can have pulls.

Now, every dog has got their favourite toy. This one here is Deco's favourite. Does not look much now, but it is one of those things she loves. When you are looking for any sort of toy, it has got to be a proper toy designed for dogs. What we do not want to have in it is things like the eyes in the toy. We do not want some of the things that will come out. So, be careful. Most children's toys are pretty safe as well, but you need to be really careful there if you are giving some dogs toys, maybe ones the kids do not want anymore. When you look at the eyes, are those like bead type eyes, sometimes behind them, they have lumps of metal. So, with a toy like this, you know, she will play with it and throw it around. And you do not want to have any area where something could then cut her. So, this sort of thing here is good. It makes different noises. It does not anymore. It used to quack, as well. And that is one of the sort of favourites she has. Well, you can get different designs, a lot of pet stores will do these sorts of things, as well. They are just toys that sell them there and especially designed for dogs and in different colours.

Other types of toy can be a harder plastic type of toy. These are quite common. Usually, squeak something like that. This one has, again, lost its squeak a long time ago. Be careful with a squeak. Sometimes you will find the dog will actually pull the squeak out. But then they start tearing up. Different dogs in different ways. And Deco does not tend to chew her toys up that much but when her mate Bob comes to see her, he does tend to destroy stuff quite well. So, what you would need to do is make sure that all the bits that come off the toy are not going to cause any problems. They are not going to get stuck in the throat, cut their mouths or any other potential problems.

Now, other types of toys you can get are very solid rubber. So, always be careful with those, as well. Sometimes with dogs throwing them around or you throw them around, or the kids throw them about, there is always a risk then that that toy could bounce off and hit a window or knock a glass off a table, something like that. So, dog toys are very, very good to have to play with a dog. Just be careful when you are using and throwing them. Be really careful with things like sticks. Now, there is always a thing that dog will go and fetch a stick. Deco will not. Throw it and she does not even bring it back to you. But if you do have a dog and it is chasing after a stick, sometimes you will get the stick and it will come into her. And it will just come in and it gets caught in the mouth. If it gets caught up into her mouth there is always the risk the stick could either damage the inside of the mouth or even go straight down her throat and choke her.

Some dogs play with stones and pebbles. Again, be really, really careful if you are on the beach and you are throwing pebbles around, dog could jump up, catch the pebble and then they could break it at front of his teeth or cause problems or push the tongue down onto a tooth. And when you got cuts inside a dog's mouth, these are really, really hard things to actually treat. You could not, for example, bandage a dog's tongue. They do tend to heal up themselves pretty quickly, obviously, you get them checked by a vet.

So, there is a vast array of toys out there for your dog. Have a look in your local pet shop or online. You will see loads and loads of different ones. But do make sure you get toys especially designed for a dog and always have a really close look at them and make sure they are okay before you start using them.