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It is very popular nowadays to travel abroad with your pet. The pet passport scheme allows this now to happen and any animal can travel onto the pet passport scheme. Some of them require passports, so dogs and cats require passports. And rabbits and guinea pigs do not require the passports. When you are travelling, it is a good idea to prepare in advance as much as you can, know about the area that you are travelling to. See if you can find out about what types of parasites they may have where you are travelling to. Try and find out about the local climates so that you make sure you are not taking a dog to a really hot place where they are never gonna be going outside because the concrete will be too hot or the temperature will be too hot for them.

When you are travelling, make sure there is plenty of room in your car for your pet to be comfortable. You want to be thinking about taking provisions for their food and their water and you want them to travel safely. So this does require them to be attached into a seat belt or to be in a crate and a secure crate and that is legally what they have to travel in. You want to be making sure that you have places where you can regularly stop on your journey to exercise your dog and let them out and give them a good drink and have something to eat if necessary. You also want to be checking if you are gonna have to stop somewhere along the way, that you are going to stay somewhere where you can keep your animal with you.

Most people will travel over to Mainland Europe now either through the Channel Tunnel or on the ferry. So when you are travelling out of the UK, you are required to have a passport with you, but generally, you will not get checked on your way out of the country. When you come back into the UK, there is a requirement under the pet travel scheme that all dogs must be treated with a tapeworm treatment between one and five days before you are due to return back to the UK. The rabies vaccination requirement is the same for cats and dogs, in that they must be up to date with their vaccinations and there must be at least 21 days that have passed between having the vaccination and starting your trip from the UK. The rabies vaccination is given initially and then it is given the year after. And then after that, it tends to be every 2-3 years, depending on what type of vaccine you are using. This is something that you will be discussing with your vet.

Requirements for the cats to come in is just the rabies vaccination; they do not require that tapeworm treatment. Although the dogs do require the tapeworm treatment to come back into the UK, it is advisable to make sure you are using other parasite protection while you are abroad and this would mainly be to cover you against ticks and sand flies, depending on where you are travelling. But a lot of these hotter areas down by the coast of the Mediterranean, you will find these parasites and they do carry diseases that can be fatal for your dog. So make sure that you know which parasite treatments you need to take with you and discuss that with your vet before you go.