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We will talk about now just a little bit about general dog care. Now when you first get a dog, whether you have got a dog from a breeder, a dog's home or wherever it has come from, you need to find out a little bit of history about the dog. Just make sure you understand what sort of food it is on so that you do not majorly change it when you start feeding your dog for the first time. But also, just a little bit what the dog likes.

Now as far your home itself, we have looked separately on pet-proofing your home, but just make sure that you know how you are going to be keeping your dog. Important things are going to be walks. No matter where you live, you are going to have to walk your dog. It is very pleasurable and dogs will love it. Deco she loves her walks. She will come and tell you when she wants a walk, which is normally too many times in the day for what she wants because she just loves it. She gets very excited. Dog walks are great because they can go out. They might be able to socialize with other dogs. They can get exercise. Also, it is a good time for you to train and to bond with your dog. When you go out with your dog, always make sure you have got the waste bag so you can clean up after your dog. You must not leave dog waste in any place, so make sure you pick it up and dispose of it correctly.

Now, while you are out and about, you might meet other dogs, so keep the dog on a short lead. Now if you have got these leads... Deco's favourites are leads which wind out, so a lot of time she can run around. But at the same time, we can pull her back and she can just walk on a short lead. Now there is different sorts of collars you can get for dogs and harnesses. And again, this is something you need to talk to your vet or your local pet store about. With Deco, we use a wide choke chain. This is great because it just stays slack around her throat. If she did pull, it would close up a little bit and then stop, but I only really used that when she was younger. Now she can run around and she has great fun out on her walks. Be careful when you are walking dogs. If he is going and it is very, very hot weather, then obviously dogs will get thirsty. Just be aware of this when you are going for walks, that dogs will get too dehydrated. So, bring the dog back, get it off the lead. Use all this time to try and train the dog as much as you can. The dog will be excited when they go and come back for a walk, but do what you can just to calm it down. A little bit of basic obedience can really help.

Now around the home, you might find that some people use dog crates. When Deco was a pup, she was in a dog crate. We always travelled with her in a dog crate. And it was just her home. We never had to put the gate locks on it, it was just somewhere where she went. So again, consult your local pet store or vet's about more information on these.

Other things you need to consider with any dog is the food. Now, there is lots of different types of food. I can not give you advice exactly on what type of food you should have for your dog. We can just say there are wet foods, there are tin foods, dried foods and there are loads of different types. There is dog food for puppies, for adult dogs, working dogs, overweight dogs, diabetic dogs. You name it, there is dog food for it. So, the most important thing here is you consult somebody, a professional, who knows about dog nutrition. Now, on the subject of nutrition, also move on now to dog treats. Now, Deco here has her favourite treats, but she will pretty much eat just about anything. If you are trying to give a dog a balanced meal, you need to be careful about then giving him scraps. Deco would eat anything if we gave it to her, but she is not very good with human food. She can cause her an upset stomach. So what we tend to do is maybe give her a little bit of a treat from time to time but, if not, give her treats that you buy. But be careful you do not your dog then becomes very overweight. The sort of treats that we use with her, she can have dog biscuits, this type of thing. It is a dry biscuit. It is a dry biscuit, it is a good treat. It also helps to clean her teeth. So as she is chewing on it, it will help to clean the teeth, gets in between the teeth.

There is also a special denture-type cleaning chew as well dogs can get. And again, they get in between the teeth and they can help them. Smaller treats, if you want to give them because often the dog is not looking at the sole size of this, she just wants a treat. Now, with these and Deco, she prefers these and these, but it does not really make a lot of odds. Other types of chews you can give dogs, these ones here a type of hide chew. Some dogs these will last ages on, but others not. I mean, for example, Deco can demolish one of these in literally a minute or so. Storm, much older dog, it takes her maybe five minutes to eat through one of these. And these sort of things come in lots of different shapes and sizes. They are good for distracting a dog or giving them something, just an extra little thing. There is types of crunchy sticks, this is the coloured stick. They can munch away on these. Again, you can also with these, training, you can break them into smaller lumps and them just give them as a smaller lump as his treat if your dog has been really well and you want to reward them.

Other types can be these and these would probably be Deco's absolute favorite. These chews here are a softer type of chew. With these, she just loves them. And we found with these they are the perfect one when we started to train her because she would pretty much do anything. You can use treats like this. Let her have the treat and she knows she can have it if she wants, but it is good training. It might stop the dog snapping at you if you can try and train to leave it. Good girl. Good girl.

Go to your pet store, have a look at all the different types of treats that are available. If you are not sure about something, ask. Your dog may like some and not like others, so maybe get a selection. I know things like Christmas, it is tempting to buy loads and loads of treats for your dogs, but just be careful. If you start feeding them loads, you may be put weight on and it can have other problems within your dog. Just get any advice if you need to. But the most important thing with any animal is to have fun with them. Stroke them, give them lots of fuss, play with them as much as you can around the house, in the garden, wherever. Make the dog part of your life.

Be very careful where you leave your dog. With her, now, we can leave her in the house no problem, but make sure she has got plenty of fresh air, leave fans that are on. Be really careful that we do not want to leave her in an area where it will get very, very hot. Just watch out when you leave them, they have got plenty of fresh water so they can have a drink when they would like and, in some cases, they can have food when they like depending on how you are actually feeding your dog.