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One major thing you do need to do with any animal you have, and we are dealing with Deco here, but any animal, is grooming. Now, we have looked at cats' grooming under a different subject, and a different video, but here we are going to look at dog grooming. With a dog like Deco, she has got a lot of hair here. And the problem can be is if we do not groom her regularly, yes, she will moult and you just get hair all over the house, but also around the back end here and other areas it can start matting. Once their hair starts matting, then it gets beyond the scope of often what people can do at home. Now, with Deco, she just loves being groomed. She loves all the attention. We do not normally have a major problem with her. But again, we need to be careful with some dogs who maybe do not like it so much. And you might find that they snap at you, or they growl. I had a golden retriever once, she just hated being groomed. So, we need to be really careful when you are grooming them that you are not going to get bitten. Now, it is just, you cannot blame the dog for it. It is just that they do not like it. But try from a very young age and get the dog used to being groomed.

Now, just stroking the dogs is grooming in some ways. Because you just stroke and you will find that hair will come out all the time. You will find there are loads of different types of brushes in the market. Now, we cannot go into the in-depth on this course, exactly which brush to use for different situations. The best thing to do is talk to your local pet store or there are loads and loads of professional dog groomers out there, and these are experts at what they do. They can take your dog and they can wash them and they can groom them. Trim them. Do the claws. So, really encourage to use local dog groomers. Some of them will even come to your house and do it. They have properly kitted out vans, where it all could be... The dog can be groomed.

So, with Deco here, we pretty much do it ourselves, most of the time. It is not normally a problem we need to send her away for anything. So, when you are doing the brushing, you just need to just... If you are running the brush through and you need to get all over the dog. Now, what often you will find is some dogs like one part of their body brushed more than the other. With Deco here, you can pretty much do what you like with her. She is not a major problem. You might find areas that they get a little bit more matt or we start to pull out larger clumps of hair. Sometimes it is an idea to support the leg here, and just do the hairs beyond here. Occasionally, you will get little knots and the knots then gets pulled out into the brush.

Just be careful if you are starting to hurt or distress. And as you look through on the hair, sometimes you will see quite a lot of the more undercoat. It is summertime, she has lost a lot of her hair, but there is still quite a lot of this under-fluff in here. And if you just sort of hold it here, you can literally just pull it out; the sort of stuff that fills your house up quite well with hair and lumps of hair. Just keep grooming her. You might need to spend a little more attention around, with Deco, a lot around the back, right the way round. You go all the way over her body right down to her tail. But do not forget around underneath the ears and across the head. And when you are doing it, you can brush her and stroke her. Just get her used to it. If you do have a dog that is a little bit nervous of this, then you have got to make it fun. You have got to make it so that they enjoy it. Sometimes, it is hard. You might find that you are doing one side of the dog and then you have to leave it a little while and get the other side. Deco here, typically always lays on her right-hand side. So we end up getting this side of her groomed a lot more than the other side.

Now, other things you can get, there's different combs. Combs are quite useful because a comb can get right in and pull out the hair. There's also stripping type combs. With these types of things, make sure you do the right one, for the right breed. With this here, we would use it and you can just run through. Once you have done the main part of the brushing, just make sure that she keeps... Gets all the under-hair out. But what you will need to every now and again, is just take the hair out of the comb, pop that into a bag or something, and then you can just pull through. As you are doing this, you are checking the dog, as well. We are just making sure if there is a little matted part, you might need to just put a bit more attention into that. But if you are going through and you find something that is maybe a little growth, it is something you need to get checked out.

So, you might want to just open it up. Open up the fur and have a look down at the skin and just see if there are any growths or maybe a wart is there. Another thing you can look, while you are doing this, is any little black dots. This could indicate fleas. So, when you are grooming your dog just be really, really observant and just make sure that everything you are doing with her, you are taking it nice and steady, talking to her the whole time. And one thing you will find with it is, after you have done the grooming, just give them a little treat; something like that. It just means that when they get groomed, they then get their treat. Just something that she will start to always expect.

Final thing with dogs is this problem. When you are grooming any dog you get covered in hair. Now, you can get proper things to take hair off of your clothes. And with this, is a simple roll. And what you do is just peel off the other roll, so you have got the main sticky tape that will take the hair off. Now, you can buy these in all sorts of places. Local vets sell them, pet stores or you can buy them in supermarkets and things like this as well. So, just run it over your clothes. It is not something you would use directly on a dog; it is for your clothes. But also for things like your furniture, stuff like that. It just helps to keep the hair out of... Off your clothes and out of the furniture.