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Parasite control is really important for your dogs and cats. There are many parasite products out there and the best thing to do is to talk to your vet about which parasites are more prevalent in the areas that you are spending more time in and then choosing the best combination of parasite treatments for your pet. The most common ones that we have would be tablets for worms and spot-ons for fleas; however, you can get tablets for flea treatments now, as well as the spot-ons. Whatever is easier for you to use at home with your pet, you need to choose a combination that is going to suit you both. There are different tablets that will cover your worms, certain ones will cover just your roundworm and tapeworm and there will be others that will cover the lungworm in addition to the roundworm and tapeworm. The spot-on treatments for the external parasites may only prevent fleas and ticks, they may prevent fleas and mites. There is not, sadly, a product that will cover all of those parasites, so it is up to you to have this discussion, to choose the right combination of products for your pet.

You may find, with the spot-on products, that you may have a sensitivity to some of them, so if you are not sure, it is best to wear gloves when you are applying them. With spot-on, you would normally apply it directly onto the skin of your pets, you would part the fur and try and apply it straight on to the skin because this is how it gets absorbed into the bloodstream of your pet. You also want to make sure that you keep your cat and dog medicine separate. It is really important that you do not confuse the two, because putting a dog product on a cat can be toxic to that cat and can be fatal. Equally, you want to make sure these products are kept in a cupboard away from children because they can be ingested. They are liquids and they can cause reactions in people, so always keep your medicines and especially those parasite controls safely away.